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The Most Common Mistake After Losing a Loved One
FDIC Rule Changes Increase Account Protection

Do You Qualify? Many States Tightening Medicaid Restrictions

Battle of the Exes-Estate Planning and Multiple Marriages


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The Most Common Mistake
After Losing A Loved One

Losing a spouse or loved one can be confusing and emotionally wrenching. Strong emotions can cloud one’s thinking. Actions taken at this time can cause additional confusion or problems when propelled by these emotions.


FDIC Rule Changes
Increase Account Protection

Recent FDIC rule changes have increased protection for trust deposits in banks. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or “FDIC,” was founded during the Great Depression to provide individuals with up to $100,000 of insurance for funds deposited in a bank. Trusts were included as well, but under slightly different rules.


Do You Qualify?
Many States Tightening Medicaid Restrictions

For years, qualifying for Medicaid and other state assistance programs has been a matter of showing that you have sufficiently few assets to be able to pay for health care. Now, faced with large budget shortfalls, many states are taking a closer look at how individuals qualify for Medicaid.


Battle of the Exes
Estate Planning and Multiple Marriages

Imagine you divorced many years ago and have since remarried. Perhaps you have children with your new spouse. Have you made the changes to your estate plan your new family situation requires? If you have not changed your estate planning and financial documents to reflect your new circumstances, your family could be in for a rude awakening.



True Story: How Not to Disclaim an Inheritance

After Mrs. Leona Engelman's death, her descendants wished to avoid estate taxes by having her estate disclaim a trust left to her by her late husband.

IRS Wins Family Limited Partnership Tax Cases

If you or your family have an FLP, it is important to follow the rules regarding FLPs to avoid having assets that were thought to be outside the estate brought back into the estate for tax purposes.

Estate Planning for Out-of-State Family Members

One of our valuable client benefits stems from our affiliation with the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys, a national member organization serving the needs of legal professionals concentrating on Estate Planning and Elder Law.

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